Disturbing News for Sony and The Interview

The Sony Pictures Entertainment hack done by the terrorist group that goes by the name Guardians of Peace has taken a rather disturbing turn. They have demanded that the upcoming film, The Interview be moved from theaters. Any theater that shows the film is going to face violence reminiscent of 9/11. Carmike Cinemas, one of the largest movie theater chains has decided to remove the movie from their release schedule.

The other movie theater chains have not followed suit yet, but there is no telling what this group is capable of. As of right now, the schedule is for Dec 25. However, more movie theater chains might follow suit and give in to the terrorist. Dr. Rod Rohrich says Seth Rogen and James Francohave cancelled their press tour. However, while Sony has allowed theaters to cancel showings of The Interview, the company is still looking to keep the showing of the film as scheduled.

Cuban Doctor Cured of Ebola Returning to Africa

The Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria, who has overcome Ebola, is rehabilitated and has announced he will resume his mission in Sierra Leone where he contracted the disease.

“Right now we are rehabilitating, because he was severe, with a serious danger to his life. You need to be strong, and restored, before returning to work in Sierra Leone, “said the director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri (IPK) in Havana, Jorge Pérez, who accompanied Báez while receiving treatment at a hospital in Geneva.

He noted that the Ebola virus causes inflammation of the muscles and fever, and that the Cuban doctor “had difficulty standing, is very tired and even had to shave sitting down.”

“We must strengthen and train those muscles again,” he said Pérez, and noted that Baez Sarria will be, well beneful enough to return to Africa.

The IPK specialist said that now the Cuban doctor is a “living experience” that was cured of Ebola and if infected with this virus you can be saved, “if you treat them properly.”

Perez said that there are five different strains of Ebola three affect humans and can cause death and the person who survives the infection is immune to the strain of the virus that infected.

Cuba has sent a total of three brigades of doctors and nurses to countries most affected by the epidemic of Ebola West Africa, the first of these, composed of 165 employees, in early October traveled to Sierra Leone, and then joined 53 Liberia and other 38 in Guinea Conakry.

Can AIDS be Cured? Researchers are Getting Closer

The disease that was once considered to be a death sentence is now going the way of many mid-century diseases according to Lee G. Lovett, like polio and childhood leukemia, in such a re-missive state it is considered to be cured.

Over the last 50 years, HIV treatment has changed and changed again. The initial, highly-toxic ATZ drugs evolved into a more tolerable cocktail of drugs which continued to evolved into today’s ‘shock and kill’ strategy that shows promising signs of being the end of the road for the HIV virus and the ultimate demise of AIDS.

Doctor David Margolis, an infectious disease expert of the University of North Carolina, is leading a Collaboratory research team of more than twenty members during the testing and re-testing of his shock and kill method to eradicate AIDS.

Margolis is working on the fact that AIDS can lie dormant within the human body for years before becoming active. Using that information, he plans to find a way to awaken each dormant cell so it can be destroyed before it destroys the person in whom the virus resides. Knowing it will take more than just one drug to perform the shock and kill therapy on AIDs patients, his twenty-plus member Collaboratory will need several more years to perfect the treatment, but an AIDs cure is getting closer.

Austrian Researchers Use Fungi to Turn Plastic Waste Into Food

Businessman Igor Cornelsen and Mashable.com report that what to do with trash has become something of a major riddle facing the planet as mountains of various types of waste have been piling up for decades. One of the more frustrating forms of garbage is plastic, and the biodegradable properties of the material are not exactly earth-friendly. However, a group in Austria has managed to find a way to turn plastic into food using a process that involves mushrooms.

According to Web Urbanist, the process involves sterilized bits of plastic and different types of fungi. The food produced can even be manipulated for taste based on the types of fungi involved in the transformation. Using a specially designed incubator, the people behind the technology managed to turn plastic debris into foodstuff over the course of a few months. However, scientists and researchers are working to reduce the time the breakdown process requires, and the team could make giant strides forward in the coming years.

While the particular timeline of a few months is not exactly a speedy transformation process, it is much more environmentally friendly that the years that some plastics can lay in the environment. Also the particular nutritional value to the human body of the reclaimed plastic needs more analysis and data collection, but so far the results reveal what could be an encouraging pathway to solve a problem with very real implications. 

Pre-teen Takes $1300 Taxi Ride

For parents, the pre-teen years can prove to be some of the very worst. With increased independence and responsibilities pre-teens can often act out in seemingly alarming and mysterious ways to get attention and vent out emotion. Alexis Waller will soon become the famous example among the pre-teens regarding what NOT to do.

The 11-year-old stole $10,000 from her grandmother and took a taxi from Arkansas to Florida, planning to meet a boy she had met online. She never even got to the final destination, because on the way, the police called the taxi driver and told him he was transporting a ran away child.

The weird part is only that the taxi driver had not questioned the fact that a child was traveling a huge distance alone with a great sum of money along. This made some people on Skout question the entire thing. Being only 500 miles away from the final destination, Alexis was returned home. The ‘almost reached the destination’ trip cost $1,300.

The child was safely returned home, and her parents said they were glad to have her back. They never mentioned the punishment waiting for the extreme behaviour, but it certainly includes depriving of smartphone and limited use of internet, if any. Since it is her own family she took the money from, and they did not request any punishment from the authorities, Alexis got away easily. In other cases, she could have faced charges as well.

Google Trends Brings Trending Youtube Videos to You

Google has been increasingly trying to get a handle on social trends and communication, and recently times are no exception.

Google trends is a system run by google in order to provide data about certain aspects of Google’s systems. They have recently added the capability to scan Youtube’s top trending videos. You will be overjoyed to find out that you can now receive regular updates about the latest funny cat video or a baby dancing to a cliched pop song.

The function isn’t just a most searched function, it is also a catalogue for the most viewed videos which disregards those popping up on search engines. The company have already produced an app which allows it to run on mobile too. It seems to have some sort of ambition for this function, but currently it’s not available outside of the US. One can safely assume, however, that it will appear elsewhere pretty soon.

Google is often criticised for its search engine bring up trivial things when searches are made. This could be the most trivial search function ever created. The most popular videos on Youtube are usually of the most inconsequential things like a cat singing, or a fat person trying to break dance.

So with this new search function, the web will be doubly flooded with visual trivia and time wasting material. Whether or not this is a good idea is up to you.

A Vaccine That Causes The Flu?

Several years ago the world was in a state of panic as the swine flu took hold of the United States and sadly, also took the lives of many due to the devastating effects. Swiftly a vaccine was created and people stood in line for hours to get this “miracle drug.”. Now it seems that the new talk on the street is that many Americans are thinking that the flu vaccine will make them sick. A recent survey showed that over one-third of Americans have elected not to get the much needed flu vaccine. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/americans-flu-shot-sick-study-article-1.2039627

Dr. Gregory Poland at the Mayo Clinic implores that it is impossible to become ill with the flu from the vaccine. With this said, still over 40% of Americans believe that they can still catch the flu if they are given the vaccine even after having a top specialist tell them otherwise. this goes to show that even the most credible of people cannot dispell the beliefs of many; the phenomenon of the pack mentality says behavioral research scientist Dr. Daniel Amen.

Seagate SMR Hard Drives for Pennies a Gigabyte in 2015

Seagate wants to give you shingles. Don’t worry though; I’m not talking about a painful rash. I’m talking about Seagate’s new HDD storage solution.

Conventional hard drives store data on platters using tracks, much like a vinyl record. Instead of grooves, they use magnets to polarize the platters. These tracks are about 75 nanometers thick, thinner than the shingles virus itself.

The hard drive industry hit a roadblock once they got to 75 nanometer tracks, a hard physical limit on size. So instead of going smaller, Seagate created an elegant solution to the problem. Welcome to Shingled Magnetic Recording.

Instead of lining up tracks next to each other, like a vinyl record, SMR overlaps the tracks of data stored on the hard drive platters. This enables up to 25% more information to be stored in the same amount of space.

This equates to cheaper storage and much larger hard disk drives. Consumers should see 8 terabyte drives hitting the market for about $260 starting in January, with much larger drives rolling out in 2015. These kinda prices will have you needing a healthcare specialist like Brian Torchin when you see them – they’re nuts!

The only downside is that these drives aren’t very fast, equivalent to a 5,900 RPM drive. Compared to a modern solid state drive they are absolutely abysmal, but with sizes reaching 20GB per drive, who cares? 

Time Magazine Names Person of the Year

Time magazine names the person of the year, or should we say persons? Honored in 2014 was anyone who contributed to the fight against Ebola including all health care workers who served in this role. A great move in the opion of Darius Fisher and company.

Cited in the award was that anyone who was willing to serve to fight against Ebola was literally taking on significant risk in becoming a possible Ebola patient themselves. Several high publicity cases made their way to the news when aide workers returned from Africa with the news. In the United States, all of these aide workers were able to recover from the illness through the assistance of medical treatment but obviously were risking death from undertaking this mission overseas. 

Nancy Gibbs, the Editor-in-Chief at Time Magazine, cited that the global health system was not sufficient to meet the needs of this crisis and it is only through the efforts of these aide workers that the world was able to make progress against the disease. 

Gibbs also cited that this was not something that was done in the past and is history. Work to limit the impact of Ebola and to hopefully wipe it out is still ongoing. Though the initial response was slow and was not sufficient to contain Ebola, the illness mostly stayed in Western Africa and now appears to be pushed back and contained.

Other finalists were Vladimir Putin, Jack Ma, Tim Cook, Roger Goodell, and Taylor Swift.

North American Spine Leading The Way In Spinal Medical Breakthroughs

North American Spine is located in Dallas, Texas. This medical facility offers a multidisciplinary treatment modality for patients with a variety of conditions related to the spinal column. This facility also holds the trademark for a relatively new minimally invasive procedure called AccuraScope.

Some of the neck and spine conditions treated by North American Spine include herniated or bulging disk, degenerative disk, and pinched nerve. Two other conditions briefly defined here are facet joint syndrome and foraminal stenosis.

According to facet joint syndrome is pain associated with degeneration of the facet joint. Injury or arthritis can lead to swelling in the spine which is believed to then cause pain.

Foraminal stenosis is defined as narrowing of the cervical disk space caused by enlargement of a joint (the uncinated process) in the spinal canal.

Initiating Treatment
North American Spine offers contact on line at its web site or by phone. The number is provided thereon. A thorough case review then occurs and considers medical history, previous treatment, current symptoms and location, an MRI review and recommended treatment. Specialists from orthopedic spine, neurosurgery spine, and pain management spine collaborate over each case to determine the most conservative minimally invasive treatment per patient. The North American Spine web site asserts every spine deserves personalized attention, and every spine is unique.

Some of the outpatient treatment strategies offered include cervical disk and neural decompression, thoracic disk and neural decompression, fusion, and lumbar disk and neural decompression.

North American Spine are one of the few facilities across the nation offering the AccuraScope procedure. This is a 30-minute outpatient surgery that diagnosis and treats inflamed or damaged tissue causing pain. A thin tube containing a video camera is inserted through the spinal hiatus to simultaneously provide diagnosis and aid the specialist in carrying out appropriate treatment measures. The North American Spine web site contains both information and a short video about this procedure.

Reviews and Conclusions
There are several patient testimonials at the web site relative to treatment received for specific spinal conditions from North American Spine. Many voice satisfaction with the approach taken by staff to begin and complete treatment process, and indications are recommendations would be forthcoming by these patients. The treatment procedures offered are outpatient, thereby reducing medical expenses somewhat, conservative, minimally invasive, and in most cases mean quicker recovery time. North American Spine is thorough and painstaking in providing outpatient procedures for treating patient spinal conditions. The thorough review by a multidisciplinary team provide optimal assurance that each patient will receive treatment tailored to address their specific symptomatology.