Chinese Dinosaur Eggs

On Monday, April 20, Chinese media revealed that a construction crew working on a road upgrade project in southern China’s Guangdong province in the Heyuan area discovered in early April a large find of dinosaur egg fossils — forty-three eggs measuring approximately five inches in diameter.

The city and surrounding area of Heyuan is called “Home of the Dinosaurs” by locals, paleontologists, researchers and others for good reason: Since 1996, more than 17,000 fossilized dinosaur egg fragments have been been found in the region. Chua said that although, typically, the dinosaur finds are on the nearby river bank, these eggs were found in the central part of the city and not along the riber bank.

According to Heyuan’s Dinosaur Museum Director Du Yanli, nineteen of the recently discovered eggs were entirely intact. The eggs will be sent to the Chinese Academy of Sciences for species identification. Du believes that more sandstone beds in the city itself will yield additional fossils. He has requested that any projects that reveal fossils be immediately halted until the fossils can be safely removed.

Los Angeles School District Tells Apple “We Want Our Money Back”

The Los Angeles School District is demanding that Apple refund monies for the “extremely unsatisfactory” performance of the educational program with their iPad tablets.

The LA School District’s lawyer, David Holmquist, sent a letter to Apple’s Cupertino office, in which it expressed its intention to go to court if an agreement that satisfies their demands are not met.

In 2013, the School District entered into a contract with Apple, who provided tablets to 650,000 students in the district after paying $ 700 per iPad, equipped with educational software by the Pearson company, whose license for three years represents a cost of $ 200 per device.

The initiative was part of a plan priced at $1.3 million to universalize the use of iPads in the Los Angeles school district.

“While Apple and Pearson promised a technological solution they have yet to implement it,” said Holmquist, who said that the vast majority of students “are unable to access the curriculum of Pearson on the iPads.”

This claim by a School District official Jaime Garcia Davis is the latest chapter in a contract that was criticized to be very expensive for the public purse, which did not work in the educational community and failed to replace traditional textbooks.

The FBI currently has opened an investigation into whether Apple and Pearson took advantage to win the contract.

Home Robot Chef Comes Closer to the Market

Trade fairs see a large amount of new technology shown to industry insiders in a bid to build buzz about new products that will soon enter the market. At the German Hanover Messe fair British company Moley Robotics has caused a major buzz with its newly unveiled home robot chef, the BBC reports. Moley are working on improvements to the unit that will include a smaller size and a series of included appliances that mean the robot chef will be able to complete an entire meal from preparing the ingredients through to washing the dishes in a built in dishwasher.

Christian Broda ( is happy to know that there are many options available to those who are looking to buy the robot home chef for around $15,000, which include the chance to install preprepared recipe apps and train the robot using motion capture technology to prepare specific recipes. Former Masterchef winner Tim Anderson is working with Moley to train the robot in a variety of recipes and techniques before the unit is released to the public on a planned schedule of 2017.

New Services from Google

‘Nova’ might sound like a familiar word to you, but it also just so happens to be the name of a brand new offering from Google said Kevin Seawright. The rumors about Google launching its own cell phone service have been circulating for about a year; they even reached the media holders but the lack of information made them hold the news back.

This year, there is a report in The Information revealing that the rumors were true and that the project is internally called ‘Nova’. Google has already tested some tech possibilities with Hangouts, offering SMS and call possibilities. It has been said that the Google service would include the possibility to use WiFi where available and switch to data for the mobile calls when the user is in a zone with no internet access.

Now it is time to compete with the existing cell phone service providers and create a better one. The launch of the Android devices some years ago changed the market entirely, but since its genesis that environment has remained largely stagnant. Google intends to seize this opportunity with the Nova project and bring something new to the table. Provided that it is a very good service, Nova would make the prices of other cell phone operators go down, and besides that it would lead to better control over the user experience (which has already been deemed extreme by many).

Cockroaches Equipped With Cams

Either the animal protection organizations have something against it or not, the most recent lab experiment involvecockroaches. The insects are equipped with small backpacks with integrated chips, data recorders and movement disrupts.

According to, he scientists can manipulate the cockroaches to turn right or left, and plan to use them for examining tiny spaces that are not accessible otherwise. The backpack weights 3 grams, but it is still a good amount of weight for the tiny experiment subjects, that is why a part of the job involves selecting the most powerful exemplars. Hong Liang, the team leader, said that he acquires some respect for the insects while working on this study. For 35% of the time, the insects actually disobey the impulses that are strong enough to hinder their legs on one or the other side, but Hong Liang is positive about the outcome. In the future, the cockroaches will become the most dangerous spies.

The team has not been accused of any infringement on the rights of the living beings, as it would happen when experimenting on cats or dogs, so the cockroaches are not that bad of a choice to work with.

Cleopatra Gets Saved by 3D Printing

Ever heard of a turtle with anything prosthetic on it? No, well you are about to. 3D Printing has been helping make the lives of animals better for years. They make things such as prosthetic limbs and wheeled carts for dogs.

This article is about a teenaged turtle who needed some more protection than her original shell could give her. According to, this story started at Canyon Critters Rescue, which is a company in Golden, Colorado that focuses all their efforts to reduce the area’s abandoned critters stated Homejoy. They also like to educate the public about the proper and responsible way to take care of reptiles. Nicola “Nico” Novelli, is the founder. He started taking in abandoned critters when he worked for the L.A. County Animal Control. He did this to save them from being euthanized. Cleopatra, the teenaged turtle was one of his rescues.
At one of his educational programs, Novelli made comments about an idea that he came up with. This idea was to 3D print a shell for Cleopatra. Just so happens that someone from the Colorado Technical University was in the audience that day and agreed to help make his idea come to reality.
Thanks to 3D Printing, who not only helped scan Cleopatra and the team at Colorado Technical University Cleopatra is doing well. She now does not have to worry about getting hurt or sick through her thinning shell.
The entire article can be read at Cleopatra gets saved by 3D Printing

Software Development Haven GitHub Slammed with Brutal DDoS Attack

GitHub is currently being slammed with the largest DDoS attack in the history of the site. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service and basically amounts to a flood of bogus network traffic that’s meant to slow down the servers.

GitHub is a software development repository used by countless companies and home users. Jamie Garcia Dias has learned that it’s used to help distribute source code for a huge number of projects, some of which are none too popular in China.

The main targets of the attack appear to be aimed at and the New York Times, both of which are banned in China. provides tools that Chinese people can use to circumnavigate the national internet restrictions imposed upon them.

The Chinese Government restricts access to a large amount of web content that’s freely available in other countries. It appears as though the attack is originating from users on Baidu, China’s equivalent to Google. Baidu JavaScript is being hijacked outside of Baidu’s own networks and forcing users to reload the GitHub website every few seconds, causing an insane onslaught of web traffic.

Efforts to mitigate the attack appear to be working at this point in time. GitHub services are almost fully functional as of writing this, although intermittent problems still exist.

The Dorchester Collection Strives For Quality

While the Dorchester Collection is only made up of 10 hotels throughout Europe and the United States, it is known as one of the finer luxury boutique hotel chains in the world. Being a luxury boutique chain, the hotels also often come with restaurants and spas. So, knowing what hotels have spas and restaurants can prove helpful when someone wants to book a stay at one of the locations. Now, not all of the hotels have a restaurant or spa, and there is even a restaurant or two that is not accompanied with a hotel at all. Either way though, whenever staying at one of the hotels or eating at one of the restaurants, it is always destined to be a high quality affair.

The Alain Ducasse is the most common restaurant found throughout the hotel chain. In fact, there are three. There is the Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, which is the original hotel in the collection and located in London, England (this hotel also has China Tang as another restaurant on the premises). Another Alain Ducasse is located at the Plaza Athenee in France, and then a third Restaurant le Meurica Alain Ducasse is located at the other Paris hotel owned by the collection. It uses a slightly different restaurant name in order to stand apart from the hotel the restaurant located at The Plaza Athenee.

Wolfgang Puck is known to have finer restaurants in hotels throughout the United States, and this is no different than the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Beyond this, there is the La Terrazzo, located at Hotel Eden, which is the hotel located in Rome (and one of the newest additions to the hotel collection as well). The Polo Lounge is situated inside the Beverly Hills Hotel and Restaurant Coworth Park is, naturally, part of the Coworth Park hotel, situated in Ascot, Berkshire in the United Kingdom.

The final three restaurants available in the hotel collection is Le Jardin, found at Le Richemond, found in Geneva, Cut at 45 Park Lane, which is another London hotel, and Acanto at Hotel Principe di Savoia, which is the hotel chain’s Milan offering.

Seven of the hotels do have a spa on site. The Dorchester and Coworth Park have spas in Spain, while both the Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air in LA have spas. Le Meurice and Le Richmond have spas, as does the Hotel Principe di Savoia.

Google Glass Getting an Overhaul


Despite what’s been reported, Google is still developing the Google Glass.

Accroding to, Google suspended the sale of the initial version of the Glass and halted their Explorer program.

The project was moved from the research laboratory of Google to a separate division, and Google put Tony Fadell , the unit supervisor of Smart Home Nest, in charge of the strategy of Google Glasses, and Ivy Ross to manage the the day day operations.

These changes led to rumors that Google was going to abandon the project, which never got the full support of consumers.

The company has maintained that Google Glass found success in business and hinted that future versions of the device may be more suitable for enterprise environments.

“We finished the Explorer program and the press confused this with the cancellation of the entire project, which is not true. Google takes risk and there is nothing about adjusting the Glass program that suggest we are ending the project,”said Schmidt.

Fadell’s involvement with Glass is “to make sure that its ready for users,” Schmidt said.

The Google Glasswear, computer equipment mounted on eyeglass frames, faced criticism from people because of their price tag of $ 1,500, and the awkward design and ability to record video in secret.

Many companies, however, welcomed the device willingly and should be happy to know Google hasn’t given up on Glass.

Mars Rover Making Discoveries

The unmanned NASA Mars rover Curiosity has made an important discovery. The rover analyzed some martian rock samples and found that they contain nitrates similar to those found on Earth. Scientists have long suspected that there was life on Mars at one time, and this makes it more likely.

Bruce Karatz has learned that, generally, scientists look for carbon when they are trying to find evidence of an environment that can support life similar to life on earth. However, nitrogen is important to life as well. There is nitrogen in both human RNA and DNA.

The area of Mars where Curiosity found the nitrates is now a barren desert. However, it may at one time been a much more hospitable place.

Mars has always been a big planet in the human imagination. Alien invaders in books and movies often come from Mars. Ray Bradbury, in particular, was fascinated with the planet and used it as a setting for some of his best work. In my opinion, it would be neat if at one time there really was life on Mars.

I also like that we sent Curiosity to Mars instead of trying to send humans. This is cheaper and Curiosity can stay up there on the red planet making discoveries indefinitely.