Best Lawyer in Florida

It isn’t every now and again that a law office gets the famous “Super Lawyer” position. Truly, since the begin of this prize, under 10% of the broad number of legitimate counsels who are utilized in this claim to fame in this state have gotten the attestation. That all changed for the Law Offices run by top attorney Dan Newlin, as he and his gathering were shown this respectable affirmation.

Mr. Newlin began off his bringing in the law execution field, and at a quarter century he joined the Police Department. Later in his occupation he perceived a to an awesome degree affected position in Orlando working with the Sheriff’s Office. He worked diligently on that occupation and was able to manage Detective in under ten years.

In spite of his business inconspicuous segments as Sheriff, his positions at the orange County office went from criminal motivation behind excitement to auto robbery. Amidst his time as an outlaw criminologist, Dan Newlin was to some degree in charge of the strain and possible catch of two or three hundred of the degrees most risky criminals. Amidst that time, Mr. Newlin got distinctive specific regards that were in assertion of him going incredible past what may have been sufficient at any rate at work. He was in like way saw by United States Marshalls Office for exceptional association.

Lawyer Dan Newlin picked in 1990s to go to Florida State College for law, and was perceived and from that point graduated in the mid 2000s. In a matter of seconds lawyer Dan Newlin is endorsed to practice in two or three domains where he keeps up specific workplaces to achieve however various individuals in need as could be typical in light of the present circumstance. As of this present year, lawyer Dan Newlin has helped customers to recuperate more than $150 million in compensation cash for wounds they experienced. This should prove Newlin is at the top of his game, but it wasn’t always that way.

The one room office with a single assistant that Newlin used to keep up his livelihood is supplanted by a boutique-style extend that serves a much more prominent party of people. To help him to recoup however much as could be typical for customers, the law office now utilizes astoundingly talented lawful instructors from the area. These skilled authorities range from 20 or more years experience trial lawful guides to past state prosecutors. The case weights have augmented additionally, growing now to cover car collisions, wrongful end suits, accommodating remissness, headway mishaps, bike crashes, family question, to criminal cases. Dan Newlin was also written about by

In any case on the off chance that you oblige a family law master or a disaster lawyer, set lawful advocate Dan Newlin to conduct business for you today. The fundamental meeting relating to your case and the open passage for you to banter with a master is ceaselessly free. In a split second you have a champion amongst the most saw and regarded law work professional in your corner.

Success Achieved By Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and business lady from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who has built her career for many years to achieve her success. She started her first job at American Eagle Outfitters where she held several management positions in a period of 15 years when she was working there. Eventually she was appointed to the position of Chief Merchandising Officer and later becoming the President of entire organization.

When she left American Eagles Outfitters, she decided to pursue other opportunities and was lucky to find one in 2011 at Wet Seal, Inc. and appointed the CEO. Presently, Susan McGalla is an executive consulting expert where in 2013 she formed P3 Executive Consulting LLC. Her company offers expert insight about corporate retail as well as helping other fashion and design companies adopt properly to the ever volatile retail markets across the world. P3 Executive Consulting LLC offers consultant services to clients on marketing, branding, operation efficiency and talent management. The firm normally serves its clients and give them an inside perspective about retail business.

She has been supportive of women in businesses and leadership positions. According to her, a lot of women seek authentic perspective that is applied practically. They don’t want to be regarded as women, but professionals who can perform just like men. This evolution that is witnessed today is very encouraging to many women. McGalla is always comfortable when working with both genders and she has excelled while working with both.

Her confidence was instrumental since she managed to achieve her success. She studied for her BA from Mount Union College and later begun working at Joseph Horne Company. In 1994, she found her career path when she started working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. At the time she started working at this company, there was no women on the executive positions or the board. Through hard work, she was able excel in her career which was a lifetime experience.

Also, McGalla is working at Pittsburgh Steelers as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She has autonomy over her career and this is a luxury she has earned after working hard for many years. Her passion and flexibility allowed her to fit in any environment and the fact that she is a woman never factored into her career goals. She is hopeful that more women would take similar approach, attitude and have passion in their careers.

McGalla was brought up in a family with two older brothers and their father was a football coach who supported her well. Her parents encouraged her to be a hard working lady and present her ideas with lots of confidence regardless of the response. While working at Wet Seal as a CEO, she was also offering consulting services to several different companies. Now she is operating a top consultancy firm with specialty in retail industry and offering services like branding, marketing, talent management, P&L efficiencies and product merchandising. Susan McGalla is a role model to many young women who want to focus on their professional careers.

New Product Recognition Technology

New Product Recognition Technology has changed the way that people shop for products. Online retailers and marketers are watching their profits soar because of product recognition technology that uses applications that are downloaded to a consumer’s smartphone or other mobile device. Product recognition software exists for the Android Operating System and iOS. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is an enormous market for product recognition technology. More and more retailers are embracing this approach to shopping. Certainly, the future is looking good for this technology. Let’s take a closer look.

New Product Recognition Technology Software in Action
A consumer with the product recognition application on their mobile might see an advertisement in a brochure or magazine. They scan the picture with the camera that is on their mobile device. The application uses a visual search to retrieve images of products that are similar along with links to purchase the product. Product recognition technology is quickly taking over the market and is expanding the reach of retailers online and in regular retail stores. Product recognition acts like an eye attached to the mobile device and perform a visual search. It has the ability to scan through millions of images and find the one that matches. This is truly a very innovative technology.

Slyce is one of the leaders in visual search and product recognition technology. Certainly, product recognition and visual search demands a database with millions of images to scan. Thus, making shopping with visual search a very easy and fulfilling process for the consumer. Slyce has an enormous database of images and they work with some of the top retailers in the country. They provide a way for the retailer to connect with the customer and purchase their products without the hassle of going to the retailer’s physical location. Consumers are able to easily get started with Slyce visual search technology, thanks to the free applications that they supply to consumers. The name of the applications are SnipSnap, Pounce and Craves. Certainly, Slyce is a leader in product recognition technology and they are planning more innovative products for the future.

Computer Technology Changes The Way Visual Effects Are Produced

The use of visual effects is as old as movie making itself and has seen vast changes take place over the history of the entertainment industry. The world of visual effects was first populated by filmmakers themselves who spent a large amount of their time creating the effects that would be used in their films. Many of the works of silent filmmakers like Georges Melies used visual effects based on those created for the stage and adapted for use in the film industry. In the 21st century, the movement between different forms of entertainment takes place in many different directions that include visual effects developed for the movies being transferred to the stage and vice versa.

One of the greats of visual effects is Ray Harryhausen who developed a distinctive style of stop go animation that became the dominant form of visual effects for a number of years. Harryhausen’s form of visual effects were popular and were used on TV, in movies and to create live stage performances. Over the latter half of the 20th century the growth of computer animation became a more important aspect of visual effects for recorded and live performances. Stage shows have now morphed to include large screens and animations that add to the awe and wonder induced in many who attend these performances, which can include a greater level of animation than has been seen in the past.

John Textor is a name that may not be known to many members of the general public, but this Hollywood executive has made a name for himself as one of the top visual effects producers of recent years. Textor made his name with a series of award winning effects jobs created during his time as head of the Digital Domain Group before he turned his attention to bringing effects to live performance with Pulse Evolution. This groups is bringing the most cutting edge visual effects to live performance by creating hologram based recreations of iconic stars of the past. Cultural icons like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Marilyn Monroe have already undergone the Pulse Evolution treatment and been met with critical praise for the effects produced. In the future a number of legendary stars will be produced under the guidance of John Textor, who is combining the best in modern technology with the best business opportunities as WPTV reports.

The Exciting Engineering and Enterpreneurship Career of Fersen Lambranho

It is one thing to be an entrepreneur, and it is another an engineer, but being both an entrepreneur and an engineer is a whole a success. An engineer creates, develops and maintains many structures that make the infrastructure of the society. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, needs to be very organized to start their own business and pursue them till the end with a lot of creativity and inspiration. Having all these abilities and character is more of a talent. Fersen Lambranho is the individual possessing both engineering and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Fersen Lambranho is a Brazilian entrepreneur and engineer. He was born on October 11th, 1961 in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, Fersen Lambranho serves as both a partner and member of the Board of Management of GP Investments. GP Investment is an alternative investment firm dealing with asset management mainly in private equity funds.

From the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Fersen Lambranhois holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Besides, from Instituto de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração (COPPEAD-UFRJ), he holds an MSc in Business Administration. Finally, he completed the Owner President Management Program at the Harvard School of Business.

Fersen Lambranho

In the year 1998, Fersen Lambranho began his career at GP Investments, in which he would become the Managing Director the year that followed. Fersen Lambranho and his current partner Antonio Bonchristiano assumed the leadership of the GP Investments four years later. By the year 2004, they both had finished the purchase of the full control of the GP Investments. As a result of the acquisition and their control, the GP Investments managed to raise more private equity funds. Besides, the firm was able to expand the activities to invest in real estate and infrastructure alike.

Fersen Lambranho

At the GP Investments, Fersen Lambranho and Antonio Bonchristiano work both as partners and co-leaders. Fersen Lambranho has the primary focus is on finding deals. On the other hand, Antonio Bonchristiano’s sole focus is on leading on relationships with external partners and fundraising.

Fersen Lambranho

Prior to his career at GP Investments, Fersen Lambranho had served as the Chief Executive Officer of Lojas Americanas for twelve years. Currently, he is the serving chairman of the Board of Management of Magnesita. Besides, he served as the Chairman of the Board of Oi, ABC Supermercados, Contax and Gafisa. Also, Fersen Lambranho serves on the boards of Leste Participações, Centauro, and São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações. Previously, Fersen Lambranho served on the board of San Antonio, BRMalls, and BR Properties. Also in the boards of Farmasa, Playcenter and Shoptime. Mr. Fersen Lambranho is also a member of the council many non-profit and charitable entities such as Fundação Bienal de São Paulo e COPPEAD-UFRJ.

The Investment Expertise of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known name in the banking universe. A native of South America, Cornelsen spent much of his earlier career working at various top Brazilian banking institutions in roles of leadership. Although Cornelsen had a strong career in banking, he opted to exit that field and retired from it several years ago. He now focuses primarily, career-wise, on the investment field.

Cornelsen works for Bainbrige Investments Inc. as the company proprietor. The firm is headquartered in the Bahamas. He has a solid reputation as an investment aficionado and works as a financial adviser. When Cornelsen assists investors, his strategy often involves aiding them with solid long-term investments. The investment pro generally sways people away from putting their investments in companies that have problems. He generally instead tries to motivate them to put all of their energies into actual stocks that are damaged. Cornelsen’s policy is generally to keep away from problematic companies and instead pay attention to — and therefore invest in — stocks that are currently experiencing difficlties. He is a big fan of stock openings that can be purchased inexpensively. Cornelsen typically teaches his clients to concentrate on long-term rewards that require ample patience and dedication.The Brazilian-born finance expert is noteworthy due to his strong knowledge regarding all different varieties of investments. He regularly provides investors with tips and suggestions that pertain to many diverse kinds of investments. Many people passionate about investment look to Cornelsen as a role model, too, and as a result carefully observe and assess his own approach to managing his portfolio.

Cornelsen has given his coveted financial tips to many very prominent companies in the United States. He gave the major fast food chain Burger King his financial strategic recommendations, for example. When Cornelsen isn’t hard at work offering his investment “know-how” to corporations and to individual investors, he’s often seen in respected publications and websites in investment pieces. The popular CNN iReport website recently referenced Cornelsen’s highly effective investment portfolio management techniques and practices. The media mentions go far beyond just that, as well.

Although Cornelsen is undeniably enthusiastic about the world of investment, it’s not his only big passion in life. He’s also a very capable and dedicated golfer. Because of that, people frequently see him on courses in South Florida, enjoying playing. He lives in South Florida for a considerable chunk of the year. When he’s not in South Florida, he’s usually in Brazil.

When someone is hoping to succeed at the things that they are setting out to do they are going to want to first make sure that they know all that there is to know about what they are trying to do. They will not want to go out and do something without having the proper training and knowledge to accomplish the goals that they have set for themselves. They will instead want to learn all that they can from the people who have gone the path before them, and they will want to follow the examples of those who have done great things, so that they can do well in what they are setting out to do, as well.

Igor Cornelsen is someone that people can be looking up to if the thing that they are hoping to accomplish is doing well in the stock market. This man knows pretty much all that there is to know about the stock market, and the advice that he has offered to those who are hoping to do well in it proves that.

Igor Cornelsen has spent many a year studying the stock market and seeing what it is that makes it tick. When someone wants to learn from the very best when it comes to the stock market, then they should look up to him and take what he says into careful consideration. He knows what he is talking about, and when someone is wise enough to listen to what he has to say, then they will have a good chance of doing well in the stock market.

Whenever anyone is setting out to do something different than what they have ever done before they are going to want to have a guide to help them to reach their goals. When the something different is investing in the stock market, then the best person for them to look up to would be Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian stock market investor and is currently the Proprietor for Bainbridge Inv. Inc. located in the Bahamas. He specializes in all sorts of investments and has established himself as a leader in investment and investment advice. He leads by example with unique strategies and innovations. He believes in diversity hence his investment in a lot of things and companies. He has come up with a list of strategies in which anyone interested in investing in the Brazilian market.

He says that the Brazilian market has ten major players. Brazil is the largest market in South America and it ranks as the eighth worldwide. He says that taking the side of any of these ten top horses is a sure way for an investor to gain tremendous profit. These players include commercial banks, private companies and even state banks. They are as follows: HSBC, Banco Bradesco, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco J Safra, Citibank Brazil, Banrisul, Santander, Banco do Brazil and BTG Pactual. Backing any of the above is always a sure deal according to Mr. Igor.

He also advises investors to pay attention to China seeing as it is Brazil’s largest trading partner. He argues that the two economies are alike and actually synced saying that a rise in the Chinese economy could mean a rise in the Brazilian economy and good prices for the raw materials out of Brazil. He however still cautions that China is Brazil’s biggest competitor when it comes to exports to Latin America. He advises that when investing in a country one needs to take a keen look on its trading partners as well as its competition in order to stay ahead and get the benefits and profits from their investments.

He advises investors to come up with fresh and new ideas because this can change the game to their advantage. He urges people to change the way they look at investing. Without change, you have limited ideas and hence limited profit. He says that the Brazilian currency has been overruled for a long time which has made the exports from the country to lose their competitive edge over other exports from other countries. He advises the investors to give real value to things that are real.

Mr. Igor is wise and innovative. In addition to that he is successful. Following his guide is, therefore, a sure way to end up successful as he is.

Igor Cornelsen has some simple advice for those who are serious about growing their wealth. He says that they should invest now and that they should invest wisely. Not only that, but he believes that the Brazilian market in particular is ripe for investment for those who are ready to get serious about putting their money where their mouth is. He says there are a few things to think about before entering this market though.

1) Learn About The Natives

One must take into account the native people that live in any region before they begin investing in that area. The Brazilian market is unique in a lot of ways, and it is important to take note of this and try to adapt for that as best as possible. The culture in the country is such that knowing a little about it can help anyone become more involved with the culture that they are putting money into, and that pays off huge dividends in the end.

2) Expect Regulations

The truth of the matter is, the country of Brazil is a much more regulated economy than what some investors are used to. This may not sound like it is that big of a deal, but for some it really is a problem. The reason this could be an issue is simply because there are more hurdles to get through in order to get money invested. A lot of the companies in Brazil want to protect their own interests, and this frequently means trying to box out those who are not from their country. It may sound unfair, but this is just the way that the Brazilian people like to keep it.

As an outside investor to the country, you have to respect these laws and regulations while at the same time work to try to make things a little better for yourself by trying to find out how to get through those regulations.

3) Understand Foreign Currency Differences

As with any foreign investment, currency differences can play a big role. The value differences between currencies is obviously important, but there is more to it than just that. You need to understand how these differences can impact your ability to make a profit. You also have to understand how to get your hands on the currencies that you need in order to run your business effectively. If you can manage to do all of this, then you are in great shape.

FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services Includes Free Cell Phone Service

I live in an area where a lot of people have a lot of money. Maybe it’s because I live in a high-priced area, why the cell phone services around here are expensive. I can afford to spend money on a cell phone, but just because I have money to pay for something, doesn’t mean I want to overspend. I grew up in a wealthy family, but I was always taught to be a bargain hunter. I never believed in throwing away money, and I even shop at thrift stores. Some people call me cheap, but I think of others when I go shopping.

When someone tells me to buy a phone that costs $600, I think of a person who probably can’t afford a phone at all. I would rather take $600 and buys several different phones and distribute them, instead of buying one phone for myself for that price. I’m not a selfish person, and I’m not a greedy person, I just like to be practical. I wanted a cell phone service that was low in cost, especially since I was finally moving into my own place. I’ve never had no phone service before because my parents had a house phone, and I felt no need to splurge on a cell phone.

It’s funny how you quickly you have to adjust and do things differently when you move out on your own. I did some shopping around for cell phone plans, and the best one that I could find that was low in cost is FreedomPop. FreedomPop is amazing because they even offer free cell phone service to those who want it. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I decided to try out the free service to see if it’s something that I could maintain. The free cell phone service includes 200 free minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data.

I didn’t see a problem with any of the limits in my plan, but I do like to use the Internet, so I wasn’t sure if 500 hundred megabytes would be enough. I was happy to see that if I needed additional data on my cell phone I could pay for it. I went ahead and signed up for the service, and I got a great phone for a low price. I have crystal clear call quality, and I have a nice 4G phone that was low in cost. Since I was so impressed with the cell phone service that I’m receiving from FreedomPop, I decided to also check into their Wi-Fi service, which I hear is absolutely wonderful. FreedomPop has an unlimited Wi-Fi application that allows anyone to access FreedomPop hotspots around the country.

I looked into the Wi-Fi application and it only costs five dollars a month, which is something I can more than afford. I went ahead and downloaded the application to my cell phone, so I would be able to save extra money on the data that I would be using on the cell phone. I was quickly able to find several FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots around town, and I’m amazed with this company. With FreedomPop I get free cell phone service, and I have low-cost Wi-Fi that I can connect to my mobile devices.

Source: Fortune

Skout Is Finally Gaining Popularity

Skout is a fun and unique social networking app that many people enjoy using. It allows people to connect with other single individuals in their area so that they can go ahead and flirt with them, and many people enjoy using this app so that they can do just that. People like having the opportunity to connect with people that they might not have met otherwise, and Skout offers them the chance to do that.
Skout started out in 2007, but it has seen many changes since then. They are a free service, and they are gaining a lot of popularity right now. People are taking advantage of the chance to connect with other single people, and they are happy that this social networking app allows them the chance to do that. The service itself is free, but Skout is able to make some money through offering a different version of itself which is ad free.
There are a lot of different dating sites available for people to use, and when Skout first set out there is no way that they knew that theirs would succeed above all of the rest. But, they tried for it, anyway, and they have had quite a bit of success. They offer an unique feature in that they allow people to connect with individuals in their own area, and people like that. They enjoy the chance to get to know someone who might be their neighbor, or maybe a co-worker that they have never talked with before.
In the past 18 months Skout has received a lot of positive attention. Quite a few people have begun to use the service and have recommended it to their friends. Skout is finally getting all of the attention that they have deserved for years.
And, not only is Skout doing better than it ever has done before, but it is expected to keep growing. It is expected that people will keep sharing this service with their friends and their friends will share it with theirs, and so on, and this service really will keep expanding. Now that it is being known to the world there is no stopping it. People are enjoying using it, and when people enjoy something, then they are going to want to share it with everyone that they know.
Skout did something something different when they created this service, and now people are finally appreciating how unique and fun it is. They are enjoying the chance to be able to flirt with some other single individuals in their area.

Kenneth Griffin takes the long road back to success

Kenneth Griffin was used to almost overnight success after developing his successful Citadel investment company. The collapse of the global economy in 2008 hit Griffin and Citadel hard with a large amount of the profits of the company wiped out in a matter of 16 weeks. Many investment specialists sat back and looked to maintain what they had left, but not Kenneth Griffin who took the opportunity to rise like a modern day phoenix from the ashes of the troubles of 2008. Long term success is something Griffin is looking for as he develops the Citadel group to be protected from future problems and looks to the development of the latest technology to keep Citadel at the forefront of the financial industry.

After developing the company for a number of years the 46 year old executive looked to continue his own varied political support by paying former President Bill Clinton to speak to Citadel employees as a birthday celebration for Griffin. The executive has been a major donor to many individuals from both Democratic and Republican parties who are hoping to lead the state of Illinois and the US as a whole. The Wall Street Journal reports former President Clinton was paid $250,000 for his speech to a company that took around three years to recover from the issues of 2008.

Griffin himself has been outspoken in explaining how he was caught by surprise by the issues of 2008 and is now trying to make sure the problems of the meltdown are not repeated in the future. Amongst the developments Citadel and Griffin have been introducing is the chance to improve communications for all areas of the world where the Citadel has a presence. The employment of a former Amazon executive who oversaw the improvements in telephone systems for the Online retailer to make sure every aspect of the Citadel financial business is linked with information always available. Griffin himself has been looking to himself to make sure his company continues to improve over the years, which includes the chance to work more than ever at a time in his life when most executives are looking to wind down their careers. The need for success is more of a driving force than money for Griffin, which prompted the decision to employ President Clinton to inspire Citadel employees with his own take on the global economy.

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Image Recognition Technology Is Finally Bringing Online Shopping Into a New Age

Online shopping is incredibly convenient, which is why it has taken off over the past decade. Being able to find what you are looking for from home, or from anywhere in our mobile device enabled society today, then enter a credit card number over the internet and have the item arrive a couple days later is a wonder of modern technology that we have quickly taken for granted. There is, however, one thing that has been missing from this process and that is image recognition technology that makes visual search a reality.

Visual search is simply searching for an item on a company’s website using a picture of what you are looking for instead of typing words into a search engine. This type of search utilizes image recognition technology that is being developed and constantly improved by companies such as Slyce. They are a pioneer in the image recognition and visual search field and several online stores already use their technology to help people search for what they want.

Do you like that purse or pair of shoes your friend is carrying or wearing? Simply pull out your smartphone and take a picture of it. Then go to Neiman Marcus, one of the companies using this visual search technology provided by Slyce and upload the photo to their website. The image recognition technology will then bring up the closest possible matches for the item.

Image recognition technology enabling visual search truly fills a gap in a customer’s ability to find what they are looking for online. Sometimes it is hard to put into words what you are looking for and therefore know what words to type into a traditional search on Google or on a store’s website. On the other hand, a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. It can quickly convey our meaning to other people, and now, thanks to image recognition technology a picture can quickly convey our meaning to company’s websites to help us find just what we are looking for and help them close that sale. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.