Skout Travel Helped Me To Experience Brazil Again

I just came back from Brazil, and I was missing Brazil already. I spent a whole year in the country, and I travelled from one area to another, and I got paid for the whole experience. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to travel again after I came back home. I missed Brazil so much that I would sit and cry on a daily basis. I made friends in Brazil, and I would call my friends once in a while. I wanted to experience the excitement and fun that I had in Brazil again. I found a great solution to my problem.

I joined the Skout network, just because I heard about Skout Travel. Skout Travel allows anyone to virtually travel to different places all over the world. My goal was to virtually travel to Brazil on a regular basis. I wanted to see the places I had been, and become familiar with these places again. I created a profile on the Skout network. I had to purchase Skout points to be able to virtually travel. Fortunately, it only costs 25 Skout points to do virtual traveling. I was so excited to get started that I signed up on the day that I was off of work.

The first place I visited was São Paulo, Brazil. I was so excited to see all the places that I remembered and the things that made me happy. I was even able to use the travel feature to meet new friends. I fell in love with Brazil all over again. I would visit a different place each time, but eventually I found myself visiting the same places again. Traveling virtually on the Skout ( network is amazing. The traveling feels so real that I can’t wait to get home and do it every day.

I’ve even encouraged friends of mine to use Skout travel to visit other countries. I know in the future that I will move to Brazil, but for now I’ll virtually travel. The cost to virtually travel is much cheaper than any other way of getting to Brazil. I love the details and features that I see when using Skout Travel. With all the travelling that I’ve done with Skout Travel, I’ve met over 20 different friends as well. I now have new friends to go and meet in Brazil, and I know more about Brazil than ever before. I absolutely love Skout Travel. Find more about Skout on their Twitter page.

Disposing of Electronic Waste Properly

In this ever-advancing digital age, our gizmos and gadgets become obsolete from year to year. While some of you may be holding onto your favorite devices for years to come, the majority of people see old technology as a waste of space and discard of their electronics without thinking. No harm done, right? Wrong.

According to recent news, up to 90% of Earth’s electronic waste is unlawfully discarded each year, with computers and smart phones being the most common items. While most people think very little of this fact and the consequences, exporting hazardous waste to African and Asian countries illegally is getting out of control. So how does one fight this? Easy! Make sure you go through the proper channels to get rid of your waste responsively.

The first, most common way to recycle old tech is to simply go through the tech company themselves. That is what Susan McGalla recommends doing. Large tech companies will typically take back their older models and use proper recycling procedures. Apple, Best Buy, Nintendo, and other large companies participate in this. Simple keep a waste basket at home designated for old devices and when it fills up, drive on over to the nearest location or mail it. There are a number of other ways for you to do your part here.

Only you can make the right effort to properly dispose of those electronics. It may seem like a chore, but knowing that you’re helping the earth’s atmosphere by recycling will leave you feeling stress free.

‘The Witcher 3′ Early Release Angers Gamers

‘The Witcher 3′ is one of the most highly anticipated video games of the last decade. The game developers of ‘The Witcher 3′ are extremely excited to see the world’s response to the epic game. ‘The Witcher 3′ releases on May 19, but there seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding the release date.

It was recently reported that some stores have already sold hard copies of ‘The Witcher 3.’ Gianfrancesco Genoso is hoping to find it somewhere. Apparently, video game stores in the United Arab Emirates are selling the game two weeks earlier than the scheduled release date. Gamers around the world are extremely upset about this, and some people are complaining about it on message boards.

‘The Witcher 3′ is one of the most popular titles that gamers want, and people will do anything to get their hands on it. However, the ‘Twitch’ broadcasting network has warned players to not broadcast gameplay footage of ‘The Witcher 3.’ Broadcasting any game before it’s official release could lead to jail time. It is considered a felony to sell or broadcast a game prior to the release date. However, there has already been several ‘Twitch’ users that have broadcasted the game, and they will most likely be banned from the social media site. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

SpaceX Runs Preliminary Testing on Dragon Astronaut Capsule Abort Sequence

SpaceX is one of two companies being contracted by NASA to transport astronauts to the International Space Station. In order to be certified they need to integrate a fully functional launch escape method into their rockets. The Dragon astronaut capsule was designed to do just that. Preliminary testing took place this week in Cape Canaveral, Florida to run the escape sequence through its paces.

The Dragon astronaut capsule provides a new way for astronauts to escape should a launch fail. It comes equipped with powerful Draco thrusters that can be used to propel the capsule out of harm’s way quickly.

During testing the capsule launched itself high into the sky with a dummy aboard. Parachutes were deployed and the capsule drifted slowly back down into the ocean just off the coast of Florida. The operation was seen as a success although the capsule did not meet all expected criteria during flight.

Later this year the Dragon capsule will be tested once again with a dummy after an actual rocket launch. Researchers would like to see how it reacts when faced the high pressure winds associated with takeoff. The testing will be done aboard a SpaceX Falcon rocket heading into orbit.

Verizon Lies About Their Streaming Media When Up-selling to Leading Expert in the Field

Next time you are setting up services with your phone services, you might want to research what you want before hand.Verizon was recently caught lying to a customer about how much Mbps he needed in order to stream movies with ease on Netflix. Only the Verizon representative wasn’t aware they were talking to one of the world’s leading experts in streaming technology

For those of us who don’t know any better, these sneaky tactics used by phone companies could lead to huge increases in your bill. People at AnastasiaDate know that’s why it’s important to do the research yourself before setting your data and speed preferences with your phone company.

You can conduct an online search for your make and model of phone, along with the amount of speed and data required for it to perform the necessary tasks that you use it for. Don’t trust any information you get from the major phones companies like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc., instead get your information from trusted bloggers and forums.

Don’t fall prey to the insidious sales tactics of phone companies who love running up your bill as high as they can. Do your research and you could end up saving hundreds of dollars every year.

Autism Epidemic May Be Due To Changes in Diagnoses

In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a 30 percent rise in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in just a few years. The BMJ has just reported a new study that suggests the apparent epidemic is due more to changes in diagnoses rather than an actual increase in numbers.

Swedish researchers looked at two sets of data, with the first being one of 10,000 sets of twins born over a 10-year period. The second was a national patient register where the researchers looked for diagnosis codes typically associated with autism.

When the researchers interviewed parents about their children and asked about their symptoms, they found that the number of children who fit the criteria of an ASD had remained stable for the ten-year period. There was no increase. On the other hand, they did find an increase in the number of diagnoses. Danish scientists conducting a similar study got the same results.

The researchers and staff at therefore caution against devoting too many resources to trying to find out the cause of the perceived rise, and The Aspire New Brunswick agrees. They recommend that resources go to those on the spectrum who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The various studies also showed apparent racial and regional differences in ASD diagnoses. White children, for instance, are more likely to be diagnosed as autistic than are black or Latino children.

More Research Needed in Technology Sector in U.S.A.

More research needs to be funneled into technology says MIT. Organizations could be subject to cyber attacks due to the non-existent research into secure systems technology. This is just one of the warnings on tech research and design. The US could be dropping behind other countries when it comes to important technological developments, all because of cuts in funding.
Everything from viruses, to defense technology is scheduled to suffer. The report shows where other countries like China are investing more into technology, while the US seems to be solving its economic crisis by making cuts into research, an act that can cause significant damage to the country.

Chinese leadership in the technology field is overpowering. For instance, the Tianhe-2 machine is an award winner three years in a row and can do quadrillions of calculations per second.
Academics, state side are worried, and suggest that the future of the U.S. could be significantly damaged, and domestic as well as international projects might certainly be affected.

While this is of concern to research, a major concern is that of vulnerability. Ciber attacks are proliferate and have damaged major corporations such as banks, large retailers and even Sony. Daniel Amen is certainly fearful of being effected. We need more research into cyber security to ensure that communications are kept safe throughout the country.

Apple Pay Headed To Best Buy Stores

Apple Pay is headed to Best Buy stores. Best Buy was one of the major retailers to originally decide to not support Apple Pay. Now the retailer is changing its tune. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple Pay would be headed to Best Buy’s stores later this year. Starting this week, the Apple Pay feature is also available in Best Buy’s mobile apps.

While Best Buy is no longer a tremendous player in the space, the addition of Apple Pay support is significant for Apple. Bruce Karatz really would love to use it when shopping. The company needs as many retailers as possible to support the payment method. Best Buy getting on board will likely encourage other big box retailers to do the same. Many larger retailers have been holding out on supporting the mobile payment service in the hope that they’re own service, called Current-C, would eventually take off. That payment service has yet to launch, but would eliminate many of the fees that retailers often have to deal with.

It’s been a big week for the payment service already. On Monday, Discover card announced plans to join Apple Pay. Discover was one of the major holdouts when it came to supporting Apple Pay. The addition of Best Buy and Discover in the same week could be huge for Apple.

MIT Scientists Say Low Science Funding Hurts Security, Economy, Health

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have published a paper stating that low government funding of scientific research is hurting the country. A friend and myself spent hours talking about this at our local Bulletproof Coffee.

MIT physicist Marc Kastner, who wrote the paper “The Future Postponed,” said the lack of financial resources is holding back work in many areas, including robotics, health, fusion energy and agriculture. He said funding is now at the lowest level since the end of World War 2. In 1968, research was 10% of the federal budget. It is now at 3%. “This really threatens America’s future,” he added.

In other parts of the world, science spending far exceeds this country’s. Last year, the European Union was able to land a spacecraft on a comet, and the Chinese have invented a supercomputer, the fastest in the world.

Research is stalled in areas such as the creation of new antibiotics to fight the growing threat of drug-resistant bacteria, the destruction of cancer cells by viruses, the development of artificial photosynthesis to boost agriculture output and improved speed of quantum computing for security.

The problem stems from the inability of Congress and the White House to agree on ways to cut the deficit. The issue of climate change has caused the holdup of research funding.

The scientists plan no action to further their ideas. “I wish I knew the answer,” said Kastner when asked what will solve the problem.

Akron Grad Students Invent Device to Detect Marijuana Use: The Cannibuster

Two graduates from the University of Akron have invented a device that will enable the police officers to detect the levels of THC in a motorist system. As the folks at AnastasiaDate ( know, THC is an active chemical found in marijuana. The device works by testing the saliva to determine the concentration of THC in the bloodstream. The two graduates were awarded $10,000 for this magnificent invention. Earlier on, the two former students of the University of Akron received funding from the university to develop their device that they call “Cannibuster.” The funding enabled them to partner up with various police departments in states where the use of marijuana has already been legalized. States that have already legalized marijuana have already set a limit of the levels of THC (< 5 Nano grams) in drivers. Medical Marijuana (Your text to link…) reports that the device can accurately measure the levels of THC at the roadside. Law enforcement welcomed this great invention because previously drivers suspected to have used marijuana had to take a lab test where the result could take up to six weeks to come back.