Mark Ahn, a Seasoned Entrepeneur Shares Wisdom in Top Tech Trends for Global Solutions

Mark Ahn, PhD is a strategic consultant and founder of Pukana Partners. He has earned an excellent reputation in leadership in the business arena. In over 20 years, he has created startups and large multinationals, and has written over 50 peer-reviewed journals and books. They reflect the technological advances that lead to creating global solutions, which have made him an authority around the world.

Dr Ahn’s Top Tech Trends

PRNewswire reported on January 26th that this seasoned biotech entrepreneur shared his top tech trends, and that they are predicted to have a global impact. These trends are innovative and unique as they reach forward to expand the boundaries of the average tech. When you see them, you will understand why Dr. Ahn has gained such well-deserved recognition, and his trends will have global impact.

1. Dr. Ahn’s first tech trend is that caring comes first. He says that without genuine caring there is no real foundation. He emphasizes the fact that the biopharmaceutical industry, or any industry, cannot survive without caring for those who put forth the efforts.

2. Innovation is an integral way to look at global solutions. Dr. Ahn emphasizes that there will always need to be new approaches to amend old problems. He directed his statements to finding better solutions in the macro picture or global view for renewable energy, alternative power sources and conservation.

3. Changing the world is a tremendous responsibility, and Dr. Ahn believes that it is the small entrepreneurial organizations that will solve the world’s problems in the upcoming future. Entrepreneurs who are not afraid of hard work, who have reached outside the box into innovative areas and who have the integrity to stand behind the leadership of the next generation. Ahn adds, “In fact, a lack of integrity dilutes the value of institutions and renders them ineffective.”

AT&T Takes Further Expansion into Mexico

AT&T is now expanding its reach to Mexico, by acquiring established cell phone carriers south of the border. In its most recent move AT&T has bought Nextel Mexico for $1.875 Billion. Reportedly, Nextel Mexico had approximately 3 million subscribed customers and provided wireless service to 76 million people. This expansion along with the company’s previous acquisition of Lusacell will give the communication giant nearly 119 million subscribers in North America. Because these companies are held outside of the United States there will be no Federal Trade Commission investigation into the transactions. Obviously, AT&T is not being accused of doing anything wrong and since this is all happening south of the United States the concern for a cell phone monopoly in Mexico is not the US’s concern.

Lusacell covered 70 percent of Mexico’s population and with the declining costs of smart phones, and the expansion of wireless internet across the country it was a good time for AT&T to make the deal worth a reported $2.5 Billion. Before Lusacell, AT&T had a reported 300 million people it provided wireless service to in North America. sergio Andrade Gutierrez has learned that now, after purchasing both Nextel Mexico and Lusacell their expected coverage is reported to be over 400 million people. More on Gutierrez is available on  Just how far AT&T can expand its service is no longer a matter of boarders, once Central America improves its wireless technology infrastructure you can expect that the company will keep moving further south.

Scientists Turn Human History on its Head by Using Mosquitoes to Cure Disease

In an enormous historic irony, scientists are genetically modifying mosquitoes to use them to stop the spread of disease. Mosquitoes have been a plague of mankind for as long as there has been a mankind, with their carrying and spreading of diseases among people. They are being specifically engineered so that when a female mosquito in the wild mates with one of these genetically modified males it will not be able to produce offspring. This is intended to prevent the spread of diseases such as dengue and chikungunya by literally preventing the spread of the mosquitoes. Though they are planned for release in the Florida Keys, a breakthrough such as this would have even wider application in the developing world where mosquito born illness is a far larger problem.

According to Gianfrancesco Genoso,  predicates that there are those who fear the effects of releasing a genetically modified organism into the wild. They are concerned about the long term consequences of such an action. The concern may be legitimate, but science has generally been a powerful force for good in our lives. First, medical science gave us vaccines to fight off diseases, and now genetic scientists are trying to keep those diseases from being transmitted to us in the first place. News such as this makes one glad to be living in an age where we have lifted so much of the veil of ignorance and fear from humanity that covered 99 percent of our history. Using the stereotypical carrier and spreader of disease to fight disease has to be one of the good news stories of the past millennium.

North American Spine Award Nomination

North American Spine is a top of the line service provider of the AccuraScope procedure and located in the greater Dallas area recently received a nomination for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics award.

This is a very prestigious award and important for any kind of medical facility. Medical communities and centers strive to provide the greatest service possible and often look for ways to ensure their patients not only receive the best services possible but are also treated in an ethical way. So, having this sort of a nomination is extremely important. As a 2015 nomination, it shows the dedication the North American Spine has for assisting their patients in the best way possible.

In order to receive a nomination for the award, a business must show great examples of ethical behavior inside of the workplace, not only when they greet individuals upon entering the facility but throughout their stay and treatment. As North American Spine is known for working with chronic back and neck pain all while only using the best board certified physician, it is possible for these professionals to work with patients of all ages in order to reduce their level of pain. Often times, this requires some sort of surgical procedure, but with the minimally invasive spine surgery, which North American Spine performs on a regular basis, they are able to ensure a patient’s recovery time is greatly reduced, not to mention they can offer them extensive services in order to return patients to their daily life far faster and in less pain than ever before.

North American Spine has been around for six years while providing the AccuraScope procedure, all while including the minimally invasive spine surgery successfully starting this January. So far, there have been more than 8,000 procedures performed to help those suffering from back pain.

The Next Big Thing for Cord Cutters

For anyone who wants to move away from the grasp of cable and satellite providers, there has always been a few issues that hold them back. While using Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus do provide an assortment of television programs, sports packaging has always been a major problem. Cord cutters around the country are mostly individuals who can do without sports and are fine with just watching streaming video on their computers, televisions and connected streaming boxes. However, a new service called Sling TV might just be able to help those who want to cut the cord, but still want their sports, which is good news for sports fans like Brian Torchin.

Sling TV is a service offered by Dish Network, but it is a stand along option. It does not have a contract and costs a flat $20 a month. The device streams off of an Internet connection the same way Netflix or Hulu might. Now, the base HD package consists only of 11 channels, but these 11 channels include the likes of ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network and several others.

With this package, sports fans can still watch a good amount of sports, and come March Madness time, they can watch the college basketball tournament with TBS and TNT (plus CBS over their home antenna). It really is a solid price for the $20, as a base cable package with HD now costs close to $40.

Coffee Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

More than 50 percent of all Americans start their day with a cup of coffee. Some like Ben Shaoul, more like three. Fortunately, the daily cup of coffee does more than just provide a pick-me-up. Coffee has been proven to protect the body against certain forms of cancer, particularly skin cancer.

A study that involved white Americans revealed that individuals who drank four or more cups of coffee each day were 20 percent less likely to develop malignant melanoma. White Americans are at the greatest risk for this type of skin cancer, although people of other ethnic groups can suffer from the condition as well. The study also revealed that decaf coffee does not have the same effect on the body when it comes to lowering the risk of cancer.

In addition to coffee’s ability to shield the body from toxic cancer cells, a cup of coffee can enhance brain activity and help the body get rid of water weight.

Large Asteroid Will Swing By Earth Next Week

A huge asteroid is expected to swing by Earth next week, and it will be close enough for people to view it with just a pair of binoculars. The asteroid, known as 2004 BL86, is about a third of a mile long. It will come within 745,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) of the Earth on January 26.

According to NASA, that’s the closest any space rock will come until 2027, when asteroid 1999 AN10 will come calling. Asteroid 2004 BL86 is not expected to hit the Earth, but to fly safely past it.

NASA scientists and astronomy enthusiasts like Zeca Oliveira are excited by the opportunity to study an asteroid at close range. Their Deep Space Network antenna in California and the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico will try to get radar data of the asteroid. According to one of the researchers at the Deep Space Network, the data will include detailed, radar-generated images.

Asteroid 2004 BL86 was originally discovered on January 30, 2004 by researchers at the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) survey in New Mexico. As per the naming conventions, the year of its discovery was incorporated into its name. It’s not expected to come this close again for 200 years.

Asteroid In View

There has been talk before about asteroids coming close to earth, but those asteroids always seem to just miss the planet. Another asteroid might be worth watching for as it could come about three times the distance from the moon to the Earth. As the asteroid travels through space, there might be some people who will be able to see it with a pair of binoculars. When there is talk about asteroids coming near Earth, it’s usually something that gets most people in a panic. No one, including astronomy enthusiast Alexei Beltyukov,  knows exactly what a big rock will do or where it will go as there are several variables that could lead to the asteroid coming closer to Earth or going on a different track and getting farther away. There are some who think that rockets could blow up an asteroid, but all that would do is create small pieces that would fall to the planet.

Is the Fantastic Four Reboot Giving Us the Quacky Quartet?

With fewer than seven months away for the release of the new Fantastic Four reboot, fans of the superhero team are getting worried, for 20th Century Fox has not yet released to the public an official movie trailer or picture of the cast. Casual moviegoers might deem this as typical geeky, blogger behavior, but considering that a teaser trailer to the latest Star Wars film set to premiere this December has already graced the Internet, fan boys may not be overreacting for once. According to an unnamed source at Fox, the reboot is turning out to be an alleged ”mess”. Furthermore, it’s been confirmed that the production will be headed back to Louisiana for reshoots. These reports raise speculation that the film is in terrible shape, warrants major alterations, and might even need a release-day swap. Since millions of dollars are on the line, it’s not uncommon for movie studios to approve touch-ups on blockbusters before the final product is released. If you need a break from this, try something more interesting like skout app. Also, Marvel’s prominent cinematic universe is every major studio’s envy. Since Fox owns the rights to both Fantastic Four and X-Men, perhaps it’s searching for a portal to intertwine both franchises. Either way, director Josh Trank attempts to breathe new life into a feeble franchise by bringing in fresh talent and emotional storytelling; making it a surprise worth waiting to see.

Five Billion Items Shipped From Amazon

Amazon online shipping company has made a record of shipping 5BN products in 2014 that includes 40% of third party items.

Although the company does not prefer to release too many third party products, it has made almost 2BN third party items last year. The company also reported that 2 billion third party products are sold by almost 2 billion different account holders.

Amazon has not published any open figure of sales in 2014 at all. But, we can estimate the number of total products shipping last year with the published ratio.

Who heads up Amazon’s third-party selling operation, Peter Faricy reported that, “It was a great year for Amazon because we shipped too many third party items. Spreading the market globally has increased the seller’s listings in our online server.”
“More than 1 billion people are searching for third party items outside of native to purchase from Amazon.”

This is not surprising that Amazon does not provide any accurate statistic report of its growth and sales. In fact, they show a video streaming traffic to the digital media business to reveal the data.

Amazon has received more than 16 million items listed by third party sellers with 3 items per day averagely. Cyber Monday promotions has become a successful strategy for the online company in 2014. I shopped on Cyber Monday for a gift for Bernardo Chua. He loved the gift and the deals the sale provides. Amazons large range of products allows for this kind of awesome sale.