Check Out Siri’s Response To This Stupid Question

Siri is a personal assistant app that is on the Apple phone, and many Apple users absolutely love the program. Siri Answering A Silly Question. Siri is so popular that she has spawned other copycats by other phones, but Siri is still number one. There was even a “Boondocks” episode based on Siri, and Grandpa was able to use Siri to completely change his life. Grandpa began making more money, he got out of debt, but in the episode, Siri fell in love with him, and tried to take over his entire life. Brad Reifler agrees that although the episode was extremely funny, Siri is not near as crazy as they make her seem on the Boondocks episode.

Siri may be a computer program, but she can get annoying as well. There is a question that has been asked of Siri, and she’ll give one heck of a response if you ask it. Ask Siri to divide zero by zero, and you will get a crazy response. When the question is asked, Siri basically puts out a scenario about having zero cookies, and having to split them between zero friends. She also asked how many cookies would each person get. She basically is stating that the question makes no sense, and she’s finding a nice way to shade the dumb question.

It’s actually hilarious to listen to Siri answer the question the way she does, and it might make the person asking the question, feel a little bit stupid. The response that Siri gave was posted on Twitter.

Heroes Reborn: A Second Chance To Achieve Sci-Fi Greatness

Heroes Reborn presents an opportunity few television programs are afforded. Fans over at The Aspire New Brunswick note the new series could help atone for previously bad seasons.

Bringing back an old television series into the form of a new program is nothing original. Dallas is the most recent example. As far back as 1980, Redd Foxx tried to bring back Fred Sanford in a failed sitcom. Dallas and Sanford and Son were massively successful television shows. Heroes was not. The series is only being brought back because superhero television programming is a big deal ratings-wise these days. Still, the chance for atoning for previously poor seasons is possible.

The very first season followed the trends started in comics by Watchmen and The New Universe and in prose with George R.R. Martin’s Wildcards series. The super-powered characters in Heroes were rooted much closer to the real world than a fantasy one. While intriguing, the concept slowly devolved into poor writing and plotting in subsequent seasons. Heroes became the poster child for television programs that failed to live up to their potential.

In the current landscape of superhero programs, the serious approach is the preferable one. Audiences are not interested in camp or humor. They want to see well-developed characters in intriguing plots. Hopefully, Heroes Reborn will give fans, old and new ones, what they are seeking. We will find out in September when the new program debuts if the creators learned their lesson.

Molecules Should Take it Slow

Recently, scientists at Berkley have identified a new molecular path that affects aging. This particular path has been discovered to be able to be manipulated so that the blood becomes like new again.

It has been discovered that the red blood cells ability to heal itself is critical to their survival as well as their ability to regenerate capacity. By doing this, scientists think that this can also slow down aging. Aging is an affect from increased cellular stress as well as damage.

According to Examiner, scientists have begun testing this new discovery on mice by isolating the blood cells of aging mice. The scientists found that if they increase the levels of SIRT7, they would be able to reduce the mitochondrial protein-folding stress.

Slowing things down in order for cells to repair themselves, has proven to become a critical step that also slows down the aging process. This is because the cells have time to recover from any stress. If you prevent even more proteins from being created and jammed into the Mitochondria, the aging process slows down due to a lack of stress involved.

Until this study was made, it was unclear how the stress levels could be reduced and what pathway caused it. Now that this has been identified, it will taken a little longer to be able to apply this new discovery to anti-aging. Though this worked on mice, they have a long time before this will work on humans.

Cybernetic Mental Telepathy? It’s Coming, Ready Or Not!

Alexei Beltyukov asks how’s this for a science fiction idea: an electronic device, which, when pointed at your head, can reconstruct your thoughts as you visualize them? A literal mind-reading device, which can snatch the picture right out of your imagination and put it onscreen. We’re not quite there yet, but a startling leap forward at UC Berkeley is pointing a very clear way towards that right now.

Before anyone gets too paranoid, this isn’t anything like a remote device that could be pointed at somebody without their knowledge. This involves lying down in an MRI machine with sensors and wires all over the subject, and furthermore only works so far on reconstructing video image data that’s been fed into the machine so it knows what to expect. But the demonstrating video is already startling even if it only goes that far – The visual cortex of the brain can be decoded to tell when the subject is looking at text, a face, or an airplane.

The applications of this technology are staggering. Non-communicating patients can be tested to see how they perceive the world, handicapped users could control a computer with their mind, and consumer research just found a new tool to find out what advertisements get people’s attention. With some development, could police extract memories of a suspect’s crime, or could teachers use the technology to know when students are focusing on their phones rather than the classroom lesson? It could happen sooner than you think.

Star Trek Fan Gets Chance of a Lifetime

Its well known fact that JJ Abrams was a huge fan of the Star Trek series before he was asked to reboot the science fiction franchise in for 2009’s big screen hit. However, he was also a known director who had a successful cult series Buffy the Vampire and turns as screenwriter and director for Mission Impossible III as well as Cloverfield. Paramount executives have decided to double down on the super fandom while foregoing the film industry experience as they have reportedly invited well-known Trekkie Michael Gummelt to pitch his idea for a new television series to add to the ever expanding Trek universe according to recent reports.

If green lit the new series would be titled Star Trek: Uncharted. It would follow a whole new crew and take place 200 years after the adventures of the original Enterprise crew which began as a cult favorite 1966 series from the mind of Gene Roddenberry. Some fans may be alarmed by the premise of the series, however, as there seems to be shades of the much maligned fifth entry in the original series Star Trek the Undiscovered Country. Much like the film the series revolves around a mysterious entity that purports to have begun all life in the Milky Way galaxy.

No matter the outcome Alexei Beltyukov said on flikr that this does give every super fan a chance to dream of when they could get their big break.

A La Carte TV Packages May Be the Way to Go

More and more consumers are turning away from cable and satellite television services. They are rushing over to online viewing services. Online viewing costs a fraction of what cable services are charging. There are also more options available for the consumer to make choices as to what they are paying for.

A la carte packages let you pay for the channels that you want to see. If you have no interest in sports you don’t pay for those channels. If you spend most of your television viewing time watching news channels, then that is what you pay for. Surveys and studies have shown that consumers like being in charge and like having these choices.

The fact is that many cable and satellite subscribers pay for channels that they may never watch. According to Amen Clinics Founder, Dr. daniel Amen, studies show that many prefer this new way of choosing your viewing packages. Cable and satellite providers may have no choice but, to give the people what they want. That is, unless they want customers to continue to cancel their services.

Grass Is Growing In Warming Arctic

Grass is growing in Antarctica, as two native species take advantage of the warming temperatures. Those temperatures cause peat to decompose, and that releases the nitrogen that feeds the Antarctic hairgrass (Deschampsia antarctica) and the Antarctic pearlwort (Colobanthus quitensis).

Cláudio Loureiro Heads reports studies from Australian and British scientists and how they have found that the hairgrass can absorb nitrogen 160 times faster than the local mosses can. That gives the hairgrass a large edge over the mosses, and it is taking over their territory.

While Antarctica is largely snow and ice, there are areas where the snow melts in the summer. About two percent of the land in Antarctica can support plant life, and that two percent is home to several mosses, plus the hairgrass and pearlwort. As the climate warms, and Antarctic summers become longer, the hairgrass is becoming increasingly widespread.

Plants need nitrogen to grow and most of the nitrogen in coastal Antarctica is locked in the soil which contains organic matter. As the soil is warmed, that matter starts to decompose. Early on in the process, the decomposing matter produces short chains of molecules called peptides that contain nitrogen. The hairgrass can absorb these peptides through their roots, while the mosses have to wait for bacteria to break down the peptides into amino acids, ammonium or nitrates.

Smart Watch? How about Smart Jeans

While the world buzzes over the release of Apple’s new smartwatch, two San Francisco Bay-area icons have joined in a partnership already looking to one-up the wearable tech game. Google has tapped Levi Strauss & Co. to create smart pants, wearable tech clothing made with conductive yarns (think the gloves you can use to manipulate your touchscreen, only even smarter). A person wearing smart pants could control many functions on their smartphone by simply tapping or swiping a certain spot on their pants. Project Jacquard, as it is referred, has a lofty and future-forward goal of “decoupling the touch interface from the digital device.”

According to Marketwatch, this partnership marries two leaders in the field: Google is at the forefront of technological innovation, and Levi Strauss is a world-renowned and historic clothing designer. While the idea of wearable tech that lacks its own touchscreen may be a reality hard to wrap one’s head around, these two innovators are the partners that can make it happen.

Paleontologists Discover 75-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Dinosaur Blood

Researchers from Britain have discovered the holy grail of paleontology, 75-million-year-old fossilized dinosaur blood. For the first time in human history, paleontologists will be able to study and analyze a preserved sample of a blood from an animal that’s been extinct for 65 million years.

Susannah Maidment was the lead paleontologist on the project at Imperial College London, “I want to stress that we really went into this project with a high degree of skepticism, but at this point [our research team] is happy to say we have found fossilized red blood-cells in which some of the original blood components are preserved,” said Maidment.

She is well aware of the correlations between her team’s find and the story behind the classic movie franchise Jurassic Park says Dr. Daniel Amen. But before your imagination gets the best of you, Maidment explains why Jurassic Park won’t become a reality anytime soon. The team did not find any genetic material, the stuff needed to bring dinosaurs back to life.

The findings were reported in the journal Nature Communications where scientists explain how they were able to find the specimen. By using electron microscopes, the team began studying poorly persevered dinosaur fossils. The fossils were in such bad shape, they were actually given permission by the Natural History Museum to break them apart. Once broken, scientists discovered fossilized collagen and red blood cells within the fossils, a discovery they are still perplexed by.

Leading American Businesses: Marc Sparks

Currently living and thriving in Dallas, Texas, Marc Sparks is a man of many talents and ventures.

He has successfully owned and operated a series of numerous businesses, among which are telecommunication industry big names such as Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Blue Jay Wireless, and he is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital.

Timber Creek Capital has recently moved from its original location to a new facility that is optimized for productivity to bloom and blossom. Marc Sparks realized the importance of working in good surroundings. Often, the environment one works in reflects the quality of their work, so it is easy to see why having the best quality environment is conductive to higher quality work.

What makes Marc Sparks a noteworthy figure (follow on twitter @msparks5010) is not just his success in business, however, but his philanthropic and charitable efforts comments an article in Since the eighties, he has been involved with the Samaritan Inn and has built homes with Habitat for Humanity.

His most recent business venture combined the best of both worlds and is both altruistic and entrepreneurial: Marc USA has launched Marketing Sparks, an exceptional new program that gives beginning and start-up entrepreneurs opportunities to work alongside marketing experts and gives them first-hand experience with the business development process.

The program consists of thorough and comprehensive three hour sessions to teach new entrepreneurs tactical and strategic marketing methods and ideas for business development; the goal of which is giving participants the best possible chance for success. Marketing Sparks resides in Pittsburgh, which is home to a huge and vibrant community of start-up and business-minded individuals, providing a large support network from Marketing Sparks and its own community for such participants.

In addition to his many flourishing endeavors throughout the business and endowment world, Marc Sparks has written and published a book about his journey getting to where he is today. Marc Sparks book, titled They Can’t Eat You (available on, talks about his many successes and a few of his failures, his experiences in entrepreneurship, and outlines how he can best help fellow businesspersons looking for success.