Study Shows Autism is Genetic

One of the biggest arguments anti-vaxxers make against having their children immunized is concerns about the vaccinations causing their children to become autistic. The Medical Research Council at Kings College in London begs to disagree with those parents and offers proof that autism is genetic.

A recent study of 516 twins shows the rate of autism to be much higher in identical twins who share the same DNA than in other types of twins who do not share the same DNA stated
While environmental factors can’t be ruled out 100 percent, the study shows that in 98 percent of the cases studied, genetics were the cause of autism.
Parents are concerned that autism is on the rise and are worried about environmental factors, such as pollution, food additives and exposure to electromagnetic fields being emitted from electronic gadgetry. Others lay the blame on childhood vaccines and medications given to pregnant mothers.
The rise is autism seems to be nothing more than more children being diagnosed with the disorder. Autism is not a single disorder than can be easily diagnosed, but a spectrum of disorders that fall under many categories. A better understanding of the condition has led to more diagnosis and the appearance that autism is on the rise.

Protein Found In Young Adult’s Brains That Could Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

We have known about amyloid for some time now. This is a protein that is found in the brains of elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies are showing though that this protein is actually being found in young adults as young as 20 years old. Amyloid actually builds up over time and can form a sticky sort of plaque inside of the brain. This causes Alzheimer’s disease. As the protein builds up more and more symptoms progress.

Amyloid does have necessary functions in the body stated AnstasiaDate. It acts as an antioxidant and allows the brain to form new connections and reinforce old connections. This has a lot to do with memory which is why people with Alzheimer’s tend to have memory issues. As times goes on this protein tends to clump together and interfere with normal brain processes. The brain’s neurons are eventually starved of critical nutrients and the cells do not communicate properly.

This study was completed during autopsies on normal people that were between the ages of 20 and 66 years old. Amyloid was found in all of the people that were of advanced age and had advanced Alzheimer’s when they passed. This protein was also found in very trace amounts in the people as young as 20 years old. The study was done on cadavers so it is unclear if the younger people would have gone on to develop Alzheimer’s or not.

A Study May Help Develop New Treatments For Pancreatic Cancer

Last week, researchers at a number of universities in Australia published a study in which whole genome sequencing was used in order to investigate the genetic backgrounds of 100 patients suffering from pancreatic tumors . Researchers learned new information about structural variations in these tumors, data that they hope will eventually lead to the development of new drugs to combat pancreatic cancer.

Scientists from the University of Queensland Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the University of Western Australia and the Australian Pancreatic Genome Institute participated in this project.  Jaime Garcia Dias said that among other findings, they discovered that certain sub-types of pancreatic adenocarcinoma respond to drugs usually administered to treat other types of cancers.

They confirmed the important role of five previously identified genes in the development of pancreatic tumor, and also identified two previously unrecognized “driver genes.” Dr. Nicola Waddell from Brisbane played a prominent role in the research. She hopes that the genomic sequencing used in the study will permit the development of new, potentially more effective drugs to treat pancreatic cancer in the future. The researchers hope to develop highly targeted treatments that will allow them to start clinical drug trials in the UK based upon the genetic profiles of patients in the near future.

Pancreatic tumors at the present time often prove difficult to diagnose at an early stage. The researchers hope they will be able to develop more effective treatments for this condition.

Eight Hours May Be Too Much

We have all heard our parents, and medical professionals say to get more sleep, and more rest to stay alert. Well, a study shows that too much sleep, and not enough sleep can increase the risk of having a stroke.

It took more than nine years and nearly 100,000 studies, conducted on adults ages 42 to 81 to find this information. The study has held at the University of Cambridge, where these men and women underwent the study reported AnastasiaDate. It appears that individuals who slept more than the recommended eight hours per night were 46% more likely to have a stroke, than those who slept six or less hours per night.

However, researchers are unsure as to whether or not too much sleep was a cause, or perhaps an effect of early warning signs of heart problems. What researchers are suggesting is that individuals continue to get their eight hours of sleep, and not interrupt their sleep pattern in fear of having a stroke.

Researchers are looking for answers. Their main concern is to link longer sleeping with strokes, particularly among older individuals. Over a 10- year period, 346 study participants had suffered a stroke. Other studies have shown that excessive sleeping may indicate other major health concerns like diabetes and obesity.

Excessive sleeping and changes in sleeping patterns are clear indicators that something is not right. Individuals should consult their physician for further testing so, precautionary measure can be taken.

Links Identified to Most Common Form of Breast Cancer

UK researchers have conducted a global study which has identified two new genetic variants that are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

These genetic variants are linked specifically to the most common form of this cancer, which is positive for estrogen receptors, and provide important insights into how the disease develops.

Scientists believe that perform tests on female populations for all genetic variants so far identified, could eventually identify women with a higher risk of breast cancer and would improve strategies to prevent the condition.

The study was conducted by a group of scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, UK, and was published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics.

To do this, the team analyzed the DNA of 100,000 women worldwide (about 86,000 women in Europe, 12,000 and 2,000 Asian Americans of African descent), of which about 50 percent had breast cancer.

Thanks to the analysis, managed identified two new genetic variants associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, which seem to affect the gene called KLF4, thought is involved in controlling how cells grow and divide. As reported by researchers think that genetic variants found help control the activity of KLF4, despite being far away from the gene.

Both variants were found by a technique called ‘fine mapping’, with which differences are sought in a letter of the DNA code, which was more commonly found in women with breast cancer than in those without the disease Maluf had found.

The results showed that women who have the first genetic variant called rs10816625 have 12 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, compared with those with the second variant, called rs13294895, who have a 9 percent more than risk of developing the condition.

The study involved more than 130 scientists from institutions around the world, including the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, and the University of Cambridge.

The Investment Expertise of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known name in the banking universe. A native of South America, Cornelsen spent much of his earlier career working at various top Brazilian banking institutions in roles of leadership. Although Cornelsen had a strong career in banking, he opted to exit that field and retired from it several years ago. He now focuses primarily, career-wise, on the investment field.

Cornelsen works for Bainbrige Investments Inc. as the company proprietor. The firm is headquartered in the Bahamas. He has a solid reputation as an investment aficionado and works as a financial adviser. When Cornelsen assists investors, his strategy often involves aiding them with solid long-term investments. The investment pro generally sways people away from putting their investments in companies that have problems. He generally instead tries to motivate them to put all of their energies into actual stocks that are damaged. Cornelsen’s policy is generally to keep away from problematic companies and instead pay attention to — and therefore invest in — stocks that are currently experiencing difficlties. He is a big fan of stock openings that can be purchased inexpensively. Cornelsen typically teaches his clients to concentrate on long-term rewards that require ample patience and dedication.

The Brazilian-born finance expert is noteworthy due to his strong knowledge regarding all different varieties of investments. He regularly provides investors with tips and suggestions that pertain to many diverse kinds of investments. Many people passionate about investment look to Cornelsen as a role model, too, and as a result carefully observe and assess his own approach to managing his portfolio.

Cornelsen has given his coveted financial tips to many very prominent companies in the United States. He gave the major fast food chain Burger King his financial strategic recommendations, for example. When Cornelsen isn’t hard at work offering his investment “know-how” to corporations and to individual investors, he’s often seen in respected publications and websites in investment pieces. The popular CNN iReport website recently referenced Cornelsen’s highly effective investment portfolio management techniques and practices. The media mentions go far beyond just that, as well.

Although Cornelsen is undeniably enthusiastic about the world of investment, it’s not his only big passion in life. He’s also a very capable and dedicated golfer. Because of that, people frequently see him on courses in South Florida, enjoying playing. He lives in South Florida for a considerable chunk of the year. When he’s not in South Florida, he’s usually in Brazil.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been Re-named to a More Appropriate Diagnosis

For years professionals scoffed at the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Some people accused this diagnosis as really being another name for depression. Other people thought of it as a hypochondriac’s diagnosis, or questioned if it were a real diagnosis.

This controversial diagnosis has now been given a new name. It is called Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID).

Patients are happy to have a new name that more accurately fits the disease. Organo Gold has proven that patients  are relieved to have the medical field take their symptoms seriously.

Patients with SEID experience persistent fatigue that can last for months despite getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. They also may notice memory problems. This general malaise can leave them unmotivated to participate in activities they once enjoyed.

Treatment for SEID is still not defined. Doctors tend to treat the symptoms of the disease, however, they admit there is still a long way to go before effective comprehensive treatment is approve.

Man Charged in North Carolina Deaths

A 46 year old man, Craig Hicks, was charged on Wednesday with first degree murder for shooting three Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC. Investigators are still trying to figure out if this was a hate crime, as his wife argues that it was not. She claims that this stemmed from a long standing disagreement between Hicks and the three neighbors over parking issues. Flavio Maluf has heard that other neighbors do claim to have witnessed his anger, not just toward the parking situation, but with everything all the time.

As part of the investigation witnesses, friends and family are being interviewed, as well as his belongings are being sorted through. It was found on his computer that he is very into guns and shooting movies, though he has no criminal past. He has also talked extensively on social media that he is an atheist, a patriotic American, and compared radical Muslims to radical Christians. Aside from that post, he does not appear to be hateful towards Muslims, or anyone in particular, he just refers to himself as a “grumpy old man”.

Rewalk Gives Paralyzed People a Chance to Walk Again


Is there new hope for people who can no longer walk? Yes, there is and the FDA has given this treatment its stamp of approval. This amazing piece of technology that can give paralyzed people a chance to walk is called the Rewalk. It is actually a robotic exoskeleton coupled with special crutches. It essentially acts as a person’s legs and handles all of the walking. Sure, a patient who uses this exciting equipment is not walking on his or her own steam, but the freedom of being able to walk is returned stated Sparks about the product.

As with any new technology, there are some limitations to the Rewalk, but those who have had the chance to use it are not complaining. The exoskeleton needs to be told the height of stairs before being able to climb them. Users have to wear a backpack and other small equipment in addition to the exoskeleton and crutches. However, it will move their hips and legs, last all day on two 28-volt lithium-ion batteries and hold up all the weight of the apparatus and the user.

The Rewalk comes with a hefty price tag of more than $70,000 and patients must be physician-approved. Once these hurdles are passed, a patient is trained with a Rewalk trainer, learns how to use the device safely and is then free to use it in day-to-day life.

Christopher Cowdray: Luxury Hotel Icon

Following his appointment as CEO of the Dorchester Collection of luxury hotels, Christopher Cowdray did more than just manage the individual hotels under his control. He brought them together.

Cowdray, who is a native Zimbabwean, obtained his management degree in his home nation, later traveling to the United States to study at the Columbia Business School’s Executive Program. Cowdray moved on from Columbia to manage hotels across the globe, setting up shop in Asia, Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Cowdray became the general manager of the Dorchester itself in 2004, following 30 years of experience in the hotel management field. Three years later Cowdray was promoted to CEO of the Dorchester Collection, a cluster of what were then five luxury hotels around the world. At the time of his appointment, the five hotels were separately run, and connected only in name. Yet Cowdray had other ideas for the collection, and made moves to better integrate the properties.

Presently, the Dorchester Collection boasts a total of nine hotels, all of which have been brought under one umbrella company, and are now operated as such. This is thanks to Cowdray’s vision and management plan, in addition to third-part ownership of at least some of the hotels. Cowdray stated in an interview, “we are able to look at everything from the owner’s point of view—because we also manage our own hotels—so we are not governed by the stock market as we are the desire to optimize our hotels’ performance”. As such, each individual hotel in the Dorchester Collection has been able to retain its individuality and remain unique, while at the same time benefiting from operating under a single umbrella company.

And while the Dorchester Collection has certainly grown under Cowdray’s rule, he quickly points out that their growth, when it comes, will be slow and controlled. He illustrates that though rapid growth is a natural phenomenon in the hotel business, he does not think that any given location will be ideal for the niche market that is luxury hotels. Cowdray has emphasized that the Dorchester Collection would prefer to opt for quality over quantity, and careful, precise placement of each of its proposed additions, in places where the market would be favorable for such a long term investment. For such exemplary performance, Cowdray earned the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards in 2013.